Mounting is often the aesthetic core of the framing process. The mount is usually the largest element of the job. Mounts can vary in width from the very small; 20mm to as large as is practical. Apart from the enormous range of mount board colours available, hand colouring board and the use of wash-lines and border washes makes the options infinite. To the framers relief, there is no absolutely correct colour for any image. Even in the traditional black and white photo frame not all whites are equal. It is our task to offer you the broadest  selection of colours that are not absolutely wrong, (these do exist) and to consider the effects and implications of those selected.

Mounts – the bridge between the frame and the picture

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If the mount is to be decorated rather than left as a plain colour, there are two basic types of wash:

The wash-line or ribbon wash is the commonly seen band of wash around the mount opening. Sometimes it is just a thin line.

The border-wash is one that is applied the outer part of the board.

Both techniques can be used together with a judicious choice of colours.


A hand painted border makes an individual impact (on the left) or a combination of hand painting on the bevel of a deep mount.