In 1972 I joined Terry Burns, the London framer, in his workshop. Terry, who later on started Academy Framing at the Royal Academy, started my framing career. After a break which included a spell in a folk rock band and two appearances on ‘Top of the Pops’, I set up as an independent framer in 1982.


Since things that I have particularly enjoyed have been:

working with Norman Parkinson, the photographer

enjoying the wide range of things that individuals have brought me to frame

becoming the main framer for John Ward RA including the portraits of Princess Diana and the National Portrait Gallery’s portrait of the Princess Royal

extending  my range during a fifteen year year association with a dealer in abstract prints until his retirement.


About me

People have asked me to frame.

Pictures people have bought

Re-framed pictures people already have

Pictures for dealers and galleries

Pictures for homes which includes:

your own work

your children’s work


menus from memorable events


football shirts

Delft tiles

wine labels

Certificates, professional qualifications

and articles



I can arrange for conservation and restoration of both oils and works on paper if required. This would be undertaken by qualified and experienced professionals.

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