When I frame, there are no gimmicks, but that’s not to say that you will come away with the usual framing suspects. Each image that you have has its own character, associations and meanings.  I explore these to produce a design that effortlessly hangs on the wall and gives you the pleasure that you hoped for when you bought the picture or took the photograph.


To see this in action, take a look at the Frame of the Month page. These are frames that, for all sorts of reasons, illuminate the image in some extra way.




Framing - how it works

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Although I do use many machine finished mouldings, hand finishing is often an integral part of true custom framing. This ranges from one-off mouldings in water-laid gold leaf to the plain re-finishing of machined mouldings and all points in between.


The moudings above have all been customised in some way.


Custom framing need not be as expensive as you think. Small touches can transform the predictable into something that is particularly yours.


Not that we can achieve miracles every time. Framing, for example, an employer’s liability certificate it will always be just that, but professional certificates and even the ones the children bring home on an apparently daily basis, may have been designed by someone with care and some imagination.


Before putting the little black frame round them, stop and ask yourself “Does it have to be like this?” The answer is probably “No”. A few minutes thought can produce an idea much more fitting or entertaining.


Framing doesn’t have to be boring. It can make you smile and even emit the odd chuckle.